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Section last updated: January 22, 2016


Philosophy of Education Talks on World Wisdom about & for Social Change

Under the aegis of the Love-of-Wisdom/Knowledge Inquiries (LOWKI) project at OISE, University of Toronto, presentation proposals are invited for a pre-conference, anticipating the Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society, to be held in Toronto, from March 17 to March 21, 2016. This will be a friendly, interactive forum on March 16 (and, possibly, March 17, a.m.), foregrounding, but certainly not limited to, presentations by early career scholars and graduate students, whose discoveries, challenges, and break-through ideas, we believe, are worth hearing out and listening to.

The mission of this meeting is to encourage explorations into various “wisdom”/”knowledge” traditions from around the world, both ancient and recent, that promise to energize inter- & trans-paradigm/worldview formats of inquiry and modes of being/acting, as illustrated, e.g., by George Sefa Dei’s edited volume Indigenous Philosophies and Critical Education (2011), Scott Pratt’s Native Pragmatism: Rethinking the Roots of American Philosophy (2002), Daniel Vokey’s Moral Discourse in a Pluralistic World (2001), among a number of others.

Proposals, submitted as editable MS Word file attachments to love.of.wisdom.inquiries@gmail.com  until February 12, 2016, will be collaboratively peer-reviewed. Acceptance notifications will be emailed by February 19, 2016, and the Program will be announced in the LOWKI section of the “Mutual Worlds ~ Mutual Cultures” blog.

I. Single submissions (single-authored and co-authored) can be:

  1. a full-length paper of approximately 2,500 – 4,500 words, following the PES Style Guide, or
  2. an abstract of approximately 500 – 1,000 words, including references, which outline a paper or alternative formats, including poster-,  multimedia-, etc. expression

Accepted papers/abstracts will be scheduled in sessions according to topic and length.

II. Themed panel, workshop, and art session proposals should be approximately 3 -4  pages long, including:

  • the names and roles of participants (e.g., presenters, respondents, chair)
  • a general description of the topic(s), theoretical approach(es), argumentation, and a short blurb about each contribution (by one/more authors), including references and, if pertinent, images, graphs, tables, etc.
  • the format/medium of the session: e.g., papers, visual/musical expression, poster/art exhibition

Please include in the body of the submission email the name(s), affiliation(s), position(s) and email address(es) of the (co-)author(s) and other participants.

Also, please indicate, listing keywords, areas in which each participant would be interested in reviewing.

The email submitters are requested to cc each submission to the other scheduled participants, all of whom will receive acknowledgement of the submission within 48 hours, and acceptance notifications.

We look forward to your contributions at love.of.wisdom.inquiries@gmail.com 🙂

Roxana Escobar, Lynne Alexandrova, Mark Houghton

Last updated: August 6, 2014

<= Don’t we all want to have this kind of summer?!
Part of it at least, in between reading-writing-conferencing… Therefore
MC summer decision:
The movie discussion and presentation format is deferred until the Fall 2014 semester.

  • The July 23 session was a visit with a Bible study group. See report
  • The August distributed session consists of samplings of Tibet & Tibetans in Toronto, and from Toronto.

Call for Movie Discussants and Presenters

For our upcoming sessions, we invite 20-45 min presentations, on any topic that relates different, perhaps (seemingly) incommensurable points of view and belief systems, embodidnesses and situatednesses. Human selves and others? Pets and their humans? Pick a movie to expand on, or fly on your own with a course paper, thesis chapter, or raw research findings.

There is a possibility to publish a précis of the presentation or a full-length paper with the Mind & Time journal.

Tech support: overhead projector and wireless are available in the rooms, at OISE or elsewhere on campus.

Future sessions may feature, depending on interest:

  • Poetry reading
  • Glimpses of Canadian history – e.g. Puritan settlement and education
  • Ecological issues
    and so much more…

You can choose from the list of documentaries below, many of them recipients of multiple awards, or go with your own choice to screen/discuss

  • An Ecology of Mind, by director Nora Bateson (2011): interviews with her father, Gregory Bateson, a remarkably wide-ranging thinker, contributor to cybernetics, psychology, anthropology (with wife Margaret Mead) http://www.anecologyofmind.com/
  • Zulu Time, by director Johnny Silver (1999): interviews with Derrick de Kerckhove and other media technology thinkers, associates/”students of” Prof. Marshall McLuhan
  • Chasing Ice, documentary featuring renowned photographer James Balog, author of photo-album Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers (Iceland, Greenland, Alaska & elsewhere)
  • Examined Life: Philosophy Is in the Streets, directed by Astra Taylor (Zeitgeist Films, 2009): interviews with Judith Butler, Martha Nussbaum, Anthony Apiah, Cornel West et al.
  • videos about the life story of Irena Sendlerowa (1910 – 2008) – shortened to Sendler, for familiar reasons
    = Irena Sendler in the name of their mothers (2011)
    = The courageous heart of Irena Sendler (2009)
  • Residential schools
    = Stolen Children truth and reconciliation (2010)
    = Stolen Children (2008)
  • what can be called “differential ability”
    = Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie (2006)
    (watch on YouTube if you cannot make it to a session: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4E_2zyM5RM&feature=kp)

Ideas Welcome! — Pls email movie title, discussion topic, preferred dates to the project lead Lynne.Alexandrova@mail.utoronto.ca

Date Movie/Presentation topic Presenter(s)or free discussion
June went mutually
yielding to =>
Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014, at BrockU thousands
July day tba a choice to be made onsite, by attendees:

Wed, July 23


Screening-cum-discussion format replaced by a visit to an off-campus Bible study See Session 3 report

CONTACT Lynne for details


August day tba a choice to be made onsite, by attendees:

month of August MC is dedicating thi9s whole month to TIBET, in a “distributed” format — periodic reports on what we find out about Tibetans’ worldviews, traditions, ANYTHING SOMEONE may fall in love with 🙂 🙂 🙂

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