Session 3: July 23, 2014

In the comfort of the lounge of the High Park United Church…

the discussion went fluidly from “Mary” as a Biblical figure in Catholicism, Protestantism, to was what she signifies today, to the lives of courage of some people that the discussants had met through the Bible study group and similar groups through the church.

So let me mention Martha, who courageously fought cancer for 8 years, and found the wisdom to — on spiritual-emotional level — live fully, enjoying joy, befriending new friends, laughing full-heartedly. The one single thing she was bracing up for was having to leave a son close to finishing high school…

If you were to look further left in the lounge depicted above, you’d see a painting by Martha gracing the mantel piece.

The detail below zooms in on how she imagined herself being “God-dropped” into life…




Snack detail this time
Sobey’s local culture: mango-aloe-water cum 3 varieties of cookies.


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