Session 2: March 3, 2014

last updated: February 25, 2014

MC’s upcoming session is scheduled for March 3, 2014.

Location: 130 St George St., Robarts Library 3rd floor, Media Commons Theatre (approx 50 seats)
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm  (7:00 – 7:30 = free-registration & snack time)

1)      Screening of The Other Side of Bollywood (2006), a documentary by Spanish film maker Pedro Ortuño – interviews with Deepa Mehta and over twenty other directors and actors in Delhi and Mumbai; traditional Indian festivals shot in situ; eloquent cityscapes…

2)      Discussion of themes in the doc above: exploitation of women in the film industry, how the East interfaces with the West in Bollywood cinema, what aspects of Indian and/or Bollywood “culture” resonate with discussants

3)      More South Asian and/or Mid-Eastern cuisine

Formal presenters/discussants invited 🙂

Improvisations just as welcome! 🙂

Alternative screening suggestion, depending on attendees’ preferences:

A longer movie — all about the Trust/Mistrust tensions, in this case especially exciting thanks to Julia Roberts and Clive Owens portraying

a sizzling

corporate spy


Come      Choose      Discuss      and…      Learn-Enjoy


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