Indigenize OISE & UT

As part of the Mutual Cultures initiative, we invite you to join the movement to understand, embrace, and promote the concept of “indigenizing the academy”, in our case applied to OISE, the University of Toronto, the City of Toronto. A couple of obvious projects on our agenda:

  • action to recognize that UToronto, and Toronto, are on Mississauga [and other nations!!!] land
    Should we announce a competition for the design of the sign(s) — to catch up with Vancouver and its universities?
  • action to expand/deepen K12 and university education about and in Native science, philosophy, history
    Join efforts with First Story project?
  • action to heal the genetic dispossession of descendants of “Indian” women who lost their “status Indian privileges” when they married a non-“Indian”, and so did all their descendants

Email with ideas, announcements to publicize, etc.

PETITION under consideration




One thought on “Indigenize OISE & UT

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