Session 1: February 10, 2014

Last updated: February 13, 2014

Let me say, for starters,. that the few who attended the very first face-to-face session gladly committed to enjoying the talks – music – treats – etc. in future sessions on a regular basis…

When time permits,

    • select slides from the PowerPoint

    • the singing we experimented with

YouTube credits: uploaded by Nikolay Ivanov on Nov 10, 2010

My attempt at translating the lyrics pre-event,  February 9, 2014:

If you and I were to walk together
Without a road we’d
still walk forever
And side by side we will roam the earth
Oh, well I know how a lone heart hurts

If you and I were to keep on seeking
And love’s glow lighs up our living
In joy and sorrow t’will always burn
I won’t know ever a lone heart’s hurt

If you and I were a life to share
And freedom fighters’ fate to bear
We’ll live and die free of sin and fear
I never will shed a lone heart’s tear.

      • the 17th c. story of the movie, whose theme song the above one is, about the challenges of Bulgaria’s 500 years under the Ottoman Empire


    • what else we chatted about…

Lynne 🙂 🙂 🙂

Further Update

AND, between the country’s cherished holiday, the 3rd of March (national independence from Turkey, 1878) and International Women’s Day 8th March, here’s a translation of a classic pop song from the late 1960s.

Recall that Bulgaria bears the title “land of the roses” for a reason — “The Valley of Roses” is a geographical identifier sine qua non, where roses are grown for the production of fragrances. A (young) woman gifting a flower to man (as in the song) is (was, rather) a traditional way of treating a special guest, certainly so in “poetic reality”…

A Rose from Bulgaria

Good evening, my dear young friend, good evening my dear comrade
I welcome you to our land [lit town/city], I welcome you to Bulgaria
Let me give you this lovely rose to grace such a beautiful day
So that it can remind you in its sweet and fragrant voice
Of the mountains and the blue sea, and of all of us, all of us

‘N when you’re ready dear young friend, and when you’re ready, dear comrade
To take your leave of our land, to take your leave of Bulgaria
Please don’t forget to take with you a rose born of this land
So that it can remind you in its sweet and fragrant voice
Of the mountains and the blue sea, and of all of us, and of me…

Give a listen to the tune sung to the second stanza

Or if ready to brave the experience, an archival recording by Pasha Khristova, the pop star who made the song famous.

Youtube credit: uploaded by Божидар Иванов on Jun 28, 2010

Bozhidar Ivanov’s video is useful for the linguistically minded – it provides a Latin script transcription of the Bulgarian lyrics, with English glosses


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