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June 21, 2016, 10 am – 2 pm : National Aboriginal Day at the ROM!

DATE: June 1, 2016


J’net AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth B.A., M.A.

(One who gives away and still stands tall)

 Indigenous Outreach & Learning Coordinator

Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario


Phone: (416) 586-8000 ext 4043

Fax: (416) 586-5562

LOWKI Seminars ~ March 16-17 & 21-22, 2016 ~ UToronto


World Wisdom
about & for Social Change

The Love-of-Wisdom/Knowledge Inquiries (LOWKI) project at OISE, University of Toronto, invites presentation proposals for part-of-day seminars, welcoming and seeing off the Annual Meeting of the Philosphy of Education Society, to be held in Toronto, on March 17-21, and the Racialized and Indigenous Students’ Experience (RISE) Summit, this year in Toronto as well, on March 19-21.

The LOWKI Seminars will provide a friendly, interactive forum – with a relaxed schedule – on March 16-17 & 21-22 (depending on participants’ indicated availability – see below). They are intended to encourage explorations into various “wisdom”/”knowledge” traditions from around the world, both ancient and recent, that promise to energize inter- and trans-paradigm/worldview formats of inquiry and modes of being/acting, as illustrated, e.g., by George Sefa Dei’s edited volume Indigenous Philosophies and Critical Education (2011); Scott Pratt’s Native Pragmatism: Examining the Roots of American Philosophy (2002); Daniel Vokey’s Moral Discourse in a Pluralistic World (2001), among a number of others.

Event updates: see dedicated section @ Mutual Worlds ~ Mutual Cultures blog.

CALL FOR PAPERS [extended]

You can adhere to the standard academic presentation style, and you are likewise welcome to explore multimedia and artistic formats of communication and expression. After all, true philosophical vision lives across disciplines, within as well as beyond academia, and we look forward to partaking of your project and your vision of a shared-planet future!

I. Paper submissions (single-authored and co-authored) should include:

  • an abstract of approximately 300 – 500 words, outlining the topic, theoretical approach(es), the line of argumentation
  • paper title and references

II. Themed panel, workshop, art session proposals, of approximately 2 -3 pages, should include:

  • the number and roles of participants (e.g., presenters, respondents, chair)
  • a description of the topic(s), theoretical approach(es), argumentation, or artistic concept
  • a short blurb about each contribution, including references and, if pertinent, images, graphs, tables, etc.
  • the format/medium of the session: e.g., papers, visual/musical expression, poster/art exhibition

In the body of the submission, please include:

  • the name(s), affiliation(s), position(s) and email address(es) of all scheduled participants
  • what equipment, if any, you will need
  • your unavailability to present on March 16 am&pm, 17 am&pm, 21 pm, 22 am&pm

We look forward to your contributions at by February 29, 2016.


March 16: Keynotes & Roundtables

  • Prof. George Sefa Dei, Department of SJE: “African Proverbs as Epistemologies”
  • Prof. Clive Beck, CTL: “First Person Insights on Educational Philosophy as Theory and Practice”
  • Early Career and Pre-Career Voices — Roundtable I
  • “Saving Students ~ Being Students & More” w/ Paul Tsang, SJE & OISE staff

March 17: Keynotes & Experiential Spaces

  • Prof. Njoki Wane, SJE:”Spiritual Discourse in Leadership: Implications for Education”
  • Prof. Jack MIller, CTL: “Educating for Wisdom”
  • Early Career and Pre-Career Voices — Roundtable II
  • “Living with & as Eco-Art”
    Orchid Re-potting with Laura Toth; Screening of Adaptation (2002)

March 21 & 22: Panels & Interactive Sessions

  • “Indigenous Futures” – Invited: First Nations House/UT; Indigenous Education Network, OISE/UT
  • “Curricula about & for Socio-Ecological Conscientizatrion”
  • Book Launches


Participants at the B.A.N.D. December 2014 exhibition: Asikere Afana (Ashley McFarlane, with co-designer Jessica) and PoeticArt (Roxane Tracey)

If capacity allows, more artist features will be added

You can meet the artists below, and others, at the B.A.N.D. Exhibition at 1 Lansdowne (& Queen) in Toronto

  • Ashley McFarlane’s Asikere Afana studio combines sweetness with a resolute edge — the name means asikere [a’seekayray] “sugar [water]” afana [a’fa:na] “machete”
    update: since you asked, the language is Twi a.k.a. Akan, spoken in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin
  • Roxane Tracey’s PoeticArt studio is about weaving together image and words accross visual-verbal media

For starters, how about checking out their websites by clicking the images below 🙂 Ashley, for some projects in collaboration with friend Jessica, captures your imagination and moves your heart with bold-coloured prints, tasteful jewellery, and more:

A multi-talented artist, Roxane creates with colour and shape, text on a page or on material with — and for — strength of spirit, touching beauty, and daring inspiration.

Her poetic invocation: “Feed my spirit with the warmth of this rising inspiration”: