Last Updated
: March 7, 2016

A new stream emerged: “Love-of-Wisdom/Knowledge Inquiries” Project (LOWKI)


  • OISE GSA Special Projects Grant – 2016
  • CAESURA Collective Networking Partnership
  • & More

Last updated
: September 8, 2014

The Mutual Cultures Project (MCP) is about experiential research and reciprocal learning through and about as many breeds and modes of “cultures” as participants in each session would like to contribute.

  • art
  • history
  • research
  • spirituality…

…not even the sky is a limit to the intellectual-emotional fulfillment togetherness can generate.

MCP has been awarded funding under the OISE GSA Special Projects Grant.

It has been space-sponsored by OISE’s Education Commons & UT’s Media Commons.

Meetings were held/events organized once a month for the period February – April. For the period June – September 2014 a “distributed” session format was adopted, with MCP paying visits to hubs of interest, such as

  • Bible studies with the United Church
  • web spaces of Tibetan culture

Lynne Alexandrova
MC project lead

UPDATE: In the academic year 2014-2015 & the Fall Semester of 2015 MC adopted Virtual Presence Mode

Credits: The Project owes its blog to the Word Press free hosting option, and the design to the Twenty Eleven WP Theme, just as free. Unless otherwise indicated the embedded videos are from YouTube.

Last updated: February 24, 2014

MCP Friends and Followship whom MPC follows in return

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  • Linda Hanchar
  • Barbara Zurek
  • Davis Mirza
  • Anna-Nona Corradino
  • Maro Kahrimanidis
  • Shadi Afshar

* * *

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