Did u miss these? Well, pay c.l.o.s.e.r. attention in the future!!!

The Specificities of

Indigenous Spaces at U of T

Monday March 27, 2017 | 7-9pm

OISE Nexus Lounge | 12th floor, 252 Bloor St W.

Please join an amazing group for this exciting event!

With Eve Tuck, Susan Blight, Julie Blair, Michelle Murphy, Karyn Recollet, Jonathan Hamilton Diabo, Connor Pion, James Bird, Jarrett Martineau, Anna Flaminio, Tara Williamson and Bonnie Maracle.

This special event aims to explore Indigenous people’s designs for campus space. The event was organized with The List in the spirit of building coalition, and as a step towards the reparative work the TRC process demands of the University and its many communities.

The evening will involve Indigenous faculty, staff, fellows, and students – and others who might take up these roles if our institutions had already undertaken the work of decolonization.

Indigenous knowledge keepers, artists and educators will come together to share ideas for what campus space could look like. The event will take the form of a ‘fishbowl’:

  • invited participants will begin in the middle of the space with the audience around them listening.
  • people from the audience will then be invited into the middle of the fishbowl to share back what they heard.

Art by Connor Pion


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