cfp by Feb 27: 2017 Indigenous Research Student Symposium

2017 Indigenous Research Student Symposium

(8 Positions available)

Submission Deadline: Monday February 27th

Dear U of T graduate and undergraduate students,

Following last year’s success of the 2016 Indigenous Research Student Symposium; we are seeking the participation of graduate and undergraduate students (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) who would like to present their research or community work at this year’s 2017 Indigenous Research Student Symposium(IRSS)on March 6th from 1-4pm at the University of Toronto, OISE Library.

The purpose of the IRSS is to inspire and motivate students by providing an opportunity to interact with fellow peers, staff, and faculty and community members in a unique and intimate setting.

As a student speaker, your responsibilities include preparing a 10-15 minute presentation, clarifying your work or research interests and goals. We invite you to submit abstracts focused on (but not limited to) themes of Indigeneity, Indigenous pedagogy and methodology, identity, spirituality, Indigenous knowledges, language, impacts of settler colonialism etc.

Please send a working title and abstract of your research, or community work (less than 250 words) to: or by February 27th, 2017.

If your abstract is selected, please bring the appropriate resources or materials for your presentation and confirm any technological assistance you may require prior to your presentation. There are 8 Positions available and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to gain useful experience in the role of public speaking at an academic student conference!

These events expose graduate and undergraduate students to useful resources and create networks, which can help form decisions regarding future research paths and direction. Students will have the opportunity to realize the importance of sharing knowledge and how classroom theory is put into practice by researchers. Inspiration, spirituality and preparation are the underlining objectives that drive the Indigenous Research Student Symposium towards providing students with an impactful and rewarding experience.

If you have any questions about the symposium, please contact

  • the IEN Julie Blair
  • SAGE Dhanela Paran



Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE UofT) & Indigenous Education Network (IEN)


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