THURSDAYS: Critical Pedagogies for the 21st Century – a.k.a. CP21 Reading Group

DATE: Sept 21, 2016

Critical Pedagogies for the 21st Century CP21 Reading Group: 
Thursdays, 5PM-7PM RM
10-254 OISE

We read and discuss how Critical Pedagogy, Radical pedagogy,  Anti-racism, Feminism, Critical Theory and others influence education, research, teachers and  student’s
sociopolitical development while addressing issues of power relations.
We encourage and advocate for and the ideal of reading the world critically where
questioning everything is paramount. First meeting will be on September 22nd, this session  will consist of a choose-your-own-adventure text exploration of Albert Memmi (1957)’s  The Colonizer and The Colonized. We will transform the surrounding space around OISE into a  roadmap for investigating the varied faces of the colonial condition, as an
inquiry into the possible options it poses to both oppressor and oppressed. Which path might lead to liberation, and which will lead to collapse? Facebook page:


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