SOS kinda:) NEED for: 2200 sq feet 4-5 weeks to host INSTALLATION in Toronto


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls


National Inquiry

DATE Tuesday, September 27, 2016

note: bolding & formatting added to original email



Walking with Our Sisters does not currently have a venue to bring their exhibit to Toronto. They have put a call out to anyone in TO who may have ideas, contacts, etc.


Please see below for space requirements. The space would be required for 4 to 5 weeks. If you have any suggestions, kindly contact Jesse Wente:


Toronto and Toronto veteran friends: I would like your ideas on this, please. Christi Belcourt, the amazing artist whose vision led to this incredible travelling installation, says she thinks a church space would be fine. Leads on space and a supportive community are needed:

“Two years ago today we were laying (1200 moccasin) vamps in Thunder Bay. It was such a beautiful ceremony as they all have been. Walking With Our Sisters will be feasting the bundle on December 3rd in Birch Island, ON and from there it will be travelling on to Halifax and after that starting on its journey west again until the end memorial in 2019 in Batoche, SK.

We have been unable to secure a location in Toronto. If we don’t get a location FOR the fall, early winter of 2017 we won’t have a stop in Toronto. So Toronto peeps, can you start to comb through ideas and get in touch with Jesse Wente. Places tried and didn’t work for schedule: Shoe museum, textile museum, AGO. Biggest considerations are: 1. size of space no less than 2200 sq feet. Larger is better. 2. Ceremony means smudging and pipe ceremonies, lots. So it must be a space that will allow that without restriction. 3. Community driven means that community members themselves will be in the space and present to run the space. So it’s like community ownership of the space for 4 – 5 weeks. Spaces that are for rent are fine as well. Community halls or centres, etc. Preferred: be on an easy access route of a subway or bus route of a central location-ish.

These tributes to our sisters lives have been powerful and beautiful each and every time. Community drives it. And with the inquiry coming up, with its cold bureaucratic process we need the warmth and comfort of honouring our sisters lives more than ever.

Love you all. ❤️
Love our kindness ❤️


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