movie of the week No.6: Audrey Huntley’s “Go Home, Baby Girl”- repeat

For article re Audrey Huntley: see earlier viewing

YouTube credits: Published by Audrey Huntley on May 9, 2013

Annotated as “The story of one Indigenous family’s struggle for justice in the murder of their daughter Norma George”

Film maker Audrey Huntley is actively involved in the fates of missing/murdered Indigenous women, as the MWMC readership would know by now.

A Toronto Star article on the 2013 Triad she and her collaborators worked on:

“Three women. Three deaths. One thing in common …” => First Nations

 “The similarity is that they were all First Nation,” observes community activist Audrey Huntley who, like the grieving families and friends of the three young women, has been disappointed by the dearth of local media coverage of these horrific deaths.

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When you’re homeless and in trouble, ‘alcohol makes it easier’

Six people were in a small condo. No-one reported her fall

The police say suicide, the family says murder


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