Co-sponsored event: Sat July 23 — a good day for a good event (updated)


The “Decolonized Leadership: Critical Convos on the School to Prison Pipeline” forum intends to engage with University of Toronto / Ontario Institute for Studies in Education graduate students and the public in a discussion about the connections between government legislation and the Ontario public school system’s racialization and marginalization of Indigenous, Black, and other students of color. We will also discuss proactive solutions with our panelists, who are researchers and educators on the best methods for addressing these critical issues about Canada’s educational institutions. Keynote Speakers: Professor Lee Maracle, Indigenous scholar Akilah Haneef, Trauma Therapist and Social Worker Zakaria Abdulle, Researcher and Educator Moderators: Hodan A. Mohamed Aziza Hirsi Spoken Word Artists: Timaj Garad Shadiya Aidid This event is free for students and the public, but we welcome donations.

NB! Please make sure to RSVP, as space is limited!


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