DOC-Screening WEEK 1: Since we, proud 1st & 4th July countries, SHARE “INDIANS” IN COMMON…

in view of next year = Ca Confederation at 150 (c. 1867) &
this year = US Indepence at 240 (c. 1776)!!!
here’s a humble “Canada Day” & “Independence Day” thought re:

Alanis Obomsawin’s 2014 documentary — about Attawapiskat’s Treaty No 9

The Hush-Hush QUESTIONs on the subject of Country-Founding:

What was First Peoples’ Participation in:

  • Independence-gaining
  • Fur-trading
  • …Surviving…???


Alanis Obomsawin’s documentary “Trick or Treaty” (National Film Board of Canada, 2014) opens with national Chief Shawn Atleo answering the question

  • whether it is “appropriate” for Attawapiskat’s Chief Theresa Spence to have a journalist escorted by police off the reserve:

Is it appropriate that when Amnesty International released a report [it] said that there is a grave human rights crisis amongst First Nations in Canada. Is that appropriate?

In 2011, when Sheila Fraser said that after 10 years of audits and over 30 audits specifically on Indian and Northern affairs that conditions were getting worse, is that appropriate?

Around that date when that report was released in December, I attended with the family… [pause, to compose himself] We went to the morgue, to identify the body of their 16 year old daughter, who is not just a life from a single family, This is now not only over 1,600 in the formal sense, but those that provide support for the missing and murdered indigenous women in this country suggest that the number is over 2,000(!) The question is, is THAT appropriate?

This is what our people are saying, that poverty is killing our people, that the history of colonization and unilateral action on the part of governments will stop now…

The documentary came out in 2014. The event Chief Atleo spoke at may have taken place closer to when the Attawapiskat reserve was put under “3rd party management” (the government sent in an inspector to manage the federal funds dispensed to the reserve for reason of suspicion of financial mismanagement) and its chief at the time Theresa Spence started an over 1 month-long hunger strike that led to a meeting of then PM Stephen Harper with a large number of Indigenous leaders on January 11, 2013 where the discussion revolved around land and all that that entails. The then Governor General David Johnston was unable to respond to Chief Spence’s initiative.

National Chief Shawn Atleo

Trick or Treaty? by Alanis Obomsawin – NFB

This feature documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin (Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance) profiles Indigenous leaders in their quest for justice as they …

shot from: T&T viewing on NFB site

  • Treaty 9 text
  • Indigenous version of Treaty 9
    • by Grand Chief Dr. Stan Louttit,  Mushkegowuk Council here
    • by Mattawa First Nation here
    • by  here
    • original 1905 copy at Ontario government site here

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