Indigenous summer 2016 research intern positions for those under 30

From: OISE IEN list
DATE: May 12, 2016

Aniin Niijiiwag (hello friends),

The OFIFC has two full-time, paid summer research intern positions for youth under 30 years old who are returning to school in September.

There are a number of amazing research projects going on here that the Interns may be involved in, but the big project is the creation of a digital archive of Indigenous teachings. So, if you are interested in spending the summer going through hours and hours of video footage of cultural teachings and creating a digital learning resource, please apply! We are looking for folks with some basic skills in creating very simple video and audio learning modules (knowledge of imovie or other simple editing program) and who can take raw video footage and make it creatively accessible.
Other fun projects include:
-An Indigenous youth leadership project (arts based)
-An Indigenous Prosperity Metrics based on our own understanding of what “wealth” really means;
– Investigating police responses to sexual violence (using an Indigenized iteration of Institutional Ethnography);
– Indigenous Knowledge Transmission in urban social spaces;
– A more administrative data coding (Nvivo) project for a longitudinal study on Indigenous children’s programs;
– An urban Indigenous geographies project (GIS program);
-A traditional games project (pending); and
– So many more!
The OFIFC also has weekly opportunities to drum during lunch hours, take part in the summer ceremonial feast, plant and harvest medicines that we grow on our own, take care of our bundle items, including smudging the building everyday, attend cultural competency training, lateral violence training, and opportunities to learn cultural teachings as part of the orientation process. The research team is directed by Dr. Magda Smolewski co-author of Historic Trauma and Aboriginal Healing long before there was any talk of trauma-informed practices or “reconciliation”. The team includes Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers all working from an Indigenous research methodology called USAI. All research is community-driven from start to finish, maintains the voice of Indigenous people (not translated into academic language) and maintains Indigenous knowledge and practice as legitimate without requiring validation from mainstream. We even have our own ethics review process.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
Maya Chacaby
Senior Researcher
Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
219 Front Street East | Toronto ON, M5A 1E8
: | :
( 416-956-7575, Ext.224 | 416-956-7577



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