March 22-23 Walter Gordon Symposium 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Event Schedule:

Walter Gordon Symposium 2016 Opening Event

9–10 am / Upper Library, Massey College

Panel: The Doctrine of Discovery as an Impediment to Reconciliation

10 am–12 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Adrian Jacobs, Victoria Freeman, Lee Maracle (Moderator)

Roundtable: How Should Educational Institutions Respond to the TRC’s Recommendations?

12–1:45 pm / Room CG160, The School of Public Policy and Governance
Jean Becker of Wilfrid Laurier, Audrey Rochette (Moderator)

Nation to Nation: Reconciling Aboriginal and Crown Legal Orders

2–4 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Deb McGregor, Douglas Sanderson, Mary Eberts, Paul Williams, Callandra Cochrane (Moderator)

Keynote Panel Discussion

7:45–10 pm / Music Room, Hart House
Bob Rae, Jon Kim Bell, Kim Stanton (Moderator)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Event Schedule:

Panel: Land and Treaty Relationships

10 am–12 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Heather Dorries, Hayden King and Dean Jacobs, Clara Fraser (Moderator)

Roundtable: The Churches and the TRC

12–1:45 pm / Room 318 , Jackman Humanities Building, Department for the Study of Religion
Frank Iacobucci, Susan Neylan, Bishop Marc McDonald, Pamela Klassen (Moderator)

Panel: Implementation the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a Framework for Reconciliation

2–4 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Isadore Day, Pam Palmater Brenda Gunn and Terry Mitchell (Moderator)

Walter Gordon Symposium 2016 Closing Dinner

6 pm / Great Hall, Hart House
Dr. Eileen Antone, Rosary Spence and Trina Moyan
Tickets required. Purchase here >>


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