OISE TRC Panel, February 2016 | Wanda Nanibush’s Nita Barrow Lecture, November 2013

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Panel

Indigenous Education Network (IEN), OISE

OISETube Credits. Webcast published on Feb 29, 2016

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada released its Final Report in December 2015. Within the report are 94 Calls to Action, or recommendations; many of these recommendations are directly related to higher education, education, and research. The purpose of this panel is to articulate and disseminate the TRC’s Final Report, and more specifically, its recommendations as they pertain to education and research at OISE. The rationale for this panel is that all members of the OISE community should have knowledge and information regarding the TRC Report and what it means for all levels of scholarly and community activity at OISE. Panelists will share their understandings and perspectives on the TRC Report and its recommendations as it pertains to their own research and professional work. This panel is an initial step in OISE’s commitment to making the TRC Report’s recommendations relevant to pedagogy, curriculum, policy, research, and more. Please join us for this informative and interactive panel discussion with leading OISE Indigenous faculty and community partners. An overarching outcome for the panel is to begin a conversation on implementing the recommendations and creating genuine and dynamic change for all students, faculty, and staff at OISE.


  • Tanya Senk, PhD (candidate)
  • Professor Jean-Paul Restoule, LHAE, OISE
  • Professor Sandra Styres, CTL, OISE
  • Professor Eve Tuck, SJE, OISE
  • Jane Griffith
  • Professor Suzanne L. Stewart


Idle No More: Histories of Indigenous Women’s Resistance
The 16th Annual Dame Nita Barrow Lecture at the CWSE – November 12th, 2013


Wanda Nanibush

YouTube Credits. Published on Dec 3, 2013

For information on Wanda Nanibush and the Dame Nita Barrow Distinguished Visitorship program at the CWSE, visit:  http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/cwse/Dame…


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