Jan 26, 2016 UTGSU Council Meeting Highlights

At last night’s UTGSU Council meeting, two motions were passed for substantive collaborations with Indigenous peoples!


Motion draft as per UTGSU Council Meeting Agenda  (see page 3, bottom):

Whereas the UTGSU Equity Statement honours our living and learning on Turtle Island,
Whereas universities/public spaces in British Columbia, for example, acknowledge the fact in the form of physical  monuments/signs,
Whereas consultations with (non-)Indigenous students at the University of Toronto and (non-)Indigenous members  of the public over the past couple of years have shown full support for doing the same locally,
BIRT the UTGSU take action (e.g., research, lobbying, petitions, fund-raising) in support of similar recognition of First Peoples by the University of Toronto/the city of Toronto.

This motion (by Lynne Alexandrova) was passed with the addition of a clause (contributed by Caitlin Campisi) directing the UTGSU Race and Ethnicity Caucus to work out a detailed plan and its implementation. Nickie van Lier spoke in favour of the motion, allaying concerns expressed by Council members about a more concrete agenda, which Caitlin’s amendment addresses.

(One opposed vote, no abstentions)


UTGSU contributes $5,000
to the Chippewas of the Thames River First Nation

Nickie van Lier (Civics and Environment Commissioner) and Caitlin Campisi (Internal Commissioner) reported on successful UTGSU motions for financial support from the Canadian Federation of Students for the Chippewas’ case against Enbridge’s Pipeline 9.

Check out their respective Reports
Background Info on the case (the Chippewas’ website)

Nickie put forth the $5K contribution motion on behalf of the UTGSU Environment Committee. It was welcomed by Council members, and successfully passed.

(One abstention)

From the website of the Chippewas of the Thames River First Nation, related to their court case against the National Energy Board, which authorized the pipeline reversal, the Federal Government, which failed to consult with the Nations whose territories the pipeline crosses, including the Chippewas, and Enbridge, owner of the pipeline.



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