February 26, 2015: Film as an Educational Tool with Dr Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg

Thursday February 26 6:30-8:00 p.m.
155 College Street, Room 618
(University of Toronto, Health Sciences Building)

How many of you have used or seen the use of film as a tool for transformative education for social change in your classes, communities, organizations, workplaces, faith communities and the like? How can film be used to touch people in a way that helps
move personal, social and policy concerns forward in areas of social and environmental justice, peace, race, class, culture, gender and other issues of marginalization and oppression? Using the award winning documentary film Toxic Trespass on Children’s Health and the Environment as an example, participants will be introduced to a
framework developed for the use of films for social change that can be adapted to other workshops and programs.

Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg PhD, MES, holds a Diploma in Physical Therapy (McGill University), a Masters in Environmental Studies (York University) and a PhD in Adult Education (University of Toronto). An education and film consultant, she researches,
writes and speaks on environmental health, equality, social, economic and environmental justice, peace and energy issues. She was the driving force behind the creation of 2 documentaries (Toxic Trespass; and Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer) and accompanying educational resource guides (Taking Action for a Healthy Future; and Taking Action on Children’s Health and the Environment).

Re the movie to be discussed:

Bari Cohen’s Toxic Trespass, a compelling new film on children’s health and the environment, is a co-production of If You Love Our Children Productions and the National Film Board of Canada , with the support of Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN) . It investigates the growing evidence that we are conducting a large-scale toxicological experiment on our children, and explores what some scientists, doctors, activists and others are doing about it.  More

DVD and a companion resource guide, Taking Action on Children’s Health and the Environment: National Film Board Ordering information


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