“Not Just Tourists”–Deliver FREE Medical Supplies While Travelling? VOLUNTEERS WELCOME

Update for Willing Volunteers:

To spell it out, members of NJT pick up unused med supplies from Canadian hospitals, package them & send them off with otherwise regular tourists where they are most needed — in the whole wide world.

How’s that for MUTUALITY?!

Find Out, Get in Touch, Volunteer:

NJT – Toronto
Email: Torontonjt@gmail.com
Phone: 647-528-5029

On Facebook
Link to Facebook Cause, NJT – Ottawa

For Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary & other offices visit NJT CONTACT

FYI, Ottawa chapter Annual Reports

What if you do not know the local language?

I had the most amazing trip to Cardenas to deliver the suitcase! My taxi driver wasn’t bilingual but the Spanish Letter supplied definitely helped. When I took to the supplies to the clinic, the whole room lit up, the doctor and her associates were delighted to receive the donation! Thanks to Not Just Tourists for allowing me to experience something outside of the resort area and being part of a fantastic organization!
I will do it again for sure!

-Lisa R, Burlington

More NJT trip experiences here


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