Participants at the B.A.N.D. December 2014 exhibition: Asikere Afana (Ashley McFarlane, with co-designer Jessica) and PoeticArt (Roxane Tracey)

If capacity allows, more artist features will be added

You can meet the artists below, and others, at the B.A.N.D. Exhibition at 1 Lansdowne (& Queen) in Toronto

  • Ashley McFarlane’s Asikere Afana studio combines sweetness with a resolute edge — the name means asikere [a’seekayray] “sugar [water]” afana [a’fa:na] “machete”
    update: since you asked, the language is Twi a.k.a. Akan, spoken in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin
  • Roxane Tracey’s PoeticArt studio is about weaving together image and words accross visual-verbal media

For starters, how about checking out their websites by clicking the images below 🙂 Ashley, for some projects in collaboration with friend Jessica, captures your imagination and moves your heart with bold-coloured prints, tasteful jewellery, and more:

A multi-talented artist, Roxane creates with colour and shape, text on a page or on material with — and for — strength of spirit, touching beauty, and daring inspiration.

Her poetic invocation: “Feed my spirit with the warmth of this rising inspiration”:


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