$5 Mill — Largest donation ever made to a Canadian faculty of education for Indigenous education research

Well, Canadian $, of course… Thanks to the anonymous donor, OISE is planning to “establish a prestigious fellowship and launch a comprehensive five-year initiative exploring the educational needs and aspirations of Indigenous peoples” (see September 2014 article).

The article quotes Dr. Suzanne Stewart (YK Dene), Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Homelessness & Life Transitions and special advisor to the dean on Aboriginal Education at OISE:

The initiative is important because it further positions OISE as a postsecondary leader in Aboriginal education. OISE’s unparalleled focus in adopting Indigenous paradigms in education and research, posit possibilities of unprecedented changes, such as in literacy and mental health, and will be underpinned by support from this initiative

So, it will be crucial to make sure the aspirations are indeed those of First Peoples…, and what gets imported into OISE mainstream epistemologies is “transformative” by authenticity rather than by re-interpretations according to dominant imaginaries…



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