On the last day of MC’s Tibetan Session, we are chez Dolma’s “Himalayan Collections”

Starting with a literal Tibetan gem — turquoise-only and  turquoise-alternating with (we`ll let you guess)

let us move to the metaphorical plane, and greet respectfully His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, or in simpler human terms — if you’d recall — Tenzin Gyatso.

and thank him for his encouraging messages such as this one:

More Tibetan monk accessories (combined mutual-culturally 🙂 with an Indian Shiva)

and as a special treat, Tibetan singing bowls (standing — instead of hanging — bells, really), used in prayer/meditation and for healing with sound vibrations

You tap and then can modulate the vibrations by gently touching the (padded/wooden) mallet to the bowl and moving it around.

Not surprisingly, above the Dalai Lama’s head are the syllables of a classic prayer, “Om mani padme hum” which one can repeat with a 108-bead rosary, or while spinning these two –inscribed with the mantra in Sanscrit, always to the left (!)

They are filled with a thousand each, for the manifold increase of the prayer`s power. (Recall also the symbolism of `the turning of the wheel` in Buddhism)

And on our way out — with a generous Tibetan gesture —  let`s take a peak at adjacent Himalayan-and-area art-and-crafts tokens

  • a couple bundles of Thai fishing pants (note the instructions), and
  • an Indian hat
  • `culturally expansive`, you could say, necklaces…

with a special `Tuk jai chei` (recall `material covered`)

to Dolma

for the tour 🙂 🙂 🙂


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