At the July 23 session we talked about the Magnificat in the Bible etc. — “Who wants to be (like) Mary?”

Need we tell you that the July 23 MC session went very well indeed?! More here

Bouguereau The Virgin With Angels (in public domain). Credits: Wikipedia

As to  “The Magnificat” (Lat. “[My soul] magnifies”), a.k.a. “the Song of Mary”, a.k.a. (in the Catholic tradition:) “the Canticle of Mary”, etc., e.g. Wikipedia will tell you that it is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:46-55), This is where Mary, having been told already that she would be the mother of Jesus and who he would be, says “My soul magnifies the Lord … For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed“. The text is used as a song in Christian ritual.

We talked about The Magnificat in connection with the possible literal historical as well as symbolic meaning of “Mary” as a Biblical figure, how/why she was raised in Catholicism to pretty much divine status, but with the advent of the Reformation was pulled by Protestantism into the background, to put it mildly.

See the Song of Mary text of Luke 1:46-55 from the English Standard Version (ESV) at Biblegate


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