On March 3rd we did as promised

The screening session was preceded by Ghazale yummies – vine leaf rolls & baklava … accompanied by whatever else we felt like from the Robarts 2nd floor food court

and, to find out what preceded the loaded dialogue below, you’d have to have joined us in the Media Library Theatre:

  • He: At least we have each other
    She: Really? It’s that bad, isn’t it
    He: Kind of, yeah
    She: I didn’t mean…
    He: I know
    She: I can’t breathe
    He: You’ll be ok
    She: When
    He: After we wake up in Rome,,,

OR, of course, rent the movie & watch it at home:

but then, who’d be enjoying all this space and comfort!!!

So, packaged with the Roberts-Owen brands, the MutualCultures theme of interest here is the Mistrust-reflex and the Will-to-Power entanglement that seems so ubiquitous from the point of view of all kinds of “civilized” situatednesses…

You can well imagine all that can be said, experienced — Hopefully, Transcended — on the subject…


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