And back to mutuality — “inter-human” only

In just one day — Feb 6, 2014

A pale green handbag with a super-precious laptop, characteristically left after a meeting in a boardroom the day before, has been recovered by the owner. The sticky on it indicates where, when, and by whom it was found and gives the registration number with the Lost & Found Office.

Right beside it is another person’s meeting agenda, with notes, which the person above found exactly where the photo shows it, and then took it to the department mail area, and left it on top of the shelves for the aforementioned person to retrieve.

Later the same day, one or the other person above found a USB memory key, left behind by a third person plugged into a neighbouring computer at the library. So, the discoverer went into the USB, luckily found in a file the deprived person’s email and phone number, and notified them that their precious stick is with the library front desk.

The all-too-obvious ethical question, then, is, Should hours of anxiety of one human actor have been saved at the price of — technically — a breach of their privacy by another?

AND you do recognize the Valentines Day gimmick turned into a Mutual Cultures symbol, right — when the New 2014 year was announced a year of Lovingkindness Day every day???…

How’s that for a human ecology?


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