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DAY 1 | March 16 – *Across Paradigms and Worldviews*


“Early Career and Pre-Career Voices” I — led by Dr Francisco Villegas, UTSc


  • Jackie Benn-John, SESE/SJE
  • Derek
  • Andrea
  • Francisco Villegas
  • Roxana Maria Escobar, SJE

“Saving Students ~ Being Students” — led by Paul Tsang, SJE


  • Lisa…
  • Sezen Atacan, TPS/LHAE/SJE
  • Kristine Pearson, SESE/(HSS)SJE — FYI, awarded by students the honorary title of “Liaison Emerita” upon retirement

From left: Andrea, UTSc, Lisa, Kristine Pearson, Paul Tsang, Jackie Benn-John, [woman], Francisco Villegas, Roxana Escobar, Eric Chica, Safia Zahayr, [3 women]


  • Roxana Escobar
    Abstract: My paper is an exploratory work in progress, which seeks to examine how the Latin American concept of “critical interculturalism” (1-2 references would be good) can be a powerful tool to undermine colonialism in countries with diverse cultures. My argument is that interculturalism can be both a theory and a methodology to deconstruct colonized social spheres. In this project, I propose it is important and productive to recruit Indigenous and Afro-descended knowledges from Latin America.
    Key words: interculturalism, Indigenous knowledge, Afro-descended knowledges, Latin America, colonialism, racism